Giving back.


Supporting the community that supports us.


Educating clients & students.

Educational Programs & Community Service

Speaking to students

Being part of the new marketing era

Sharing professional experiences and teaching the principles of retail marketing to students at universities is a passion for two reasons; 1) because students are our future, and 2) because bridging their academic studies with “real world” experience is key in preparing them for advancement in their professional careers. Speaking with students at universities throughout the country is and will always be a priority for us.  Some of the universities we’re we’ve had an opportunity to teach include; the University of Kansas, Texas A&M University, Penn State University, Fashion Institute of Technology, University of Missouri at Kansas City.

Giving Back

Community Service & Partnerships

“Paying it forward” by investing, time, leadership and financial resources to our community is a fundamental part of our business philosophy. Taking the opportunity to serve on the board of directors for industry boards and not-for-profit boards is one way of helping to improve the organizations who make a difference in our community. Board of Directors service includes; Wayside Waifs Animal Shelter, Starlight Theatre, Epic Entertainment, The Kansas City Symphony, The Direct Marketing Association, The Kansas City Direct Marketing Association.