Pareto Marketing is a strategic marketing boutique

We are small by design

Everything we do is measured


Pareto Marketing is a strategic marketing boutique.

We use data driven marketing to increase profits, primarily for retail companies. We segment and prioritize customer data and use it along with customer insights and our industry experience to develop targeted marketing strategies. We measure the results of these strategies in simple ROI terms. For many clients we also provide turn-key creative execution.

We are efficient and accessible.

We are small by design. We are not a general ad agency that tries to be all things to all people. Instead, we focus on using customer data and customer insights to drive marketing strategy and creative execution. Our work is quantified and measured in great detail. Everything we do is measured.


35 years of retail marketing experience has taught us how to use customer data as a key strategic tool to grow profits. As importantly, the “best practices” for integrating data driven marketing with store operations, customer service and merchandising strategies.

We have extensive experience in the retail industry, working with both smaller, family owned independent businesses as well as larger, $1 billion+ companies. With independents we often serve as the marketing arm of the company. With larger companies we serve as the subject matter expert in data analytics, data driven marketing, and marketing strategy.


Vilfredo Pareto had an important finding some 120 years ago when he deduced that a relatively small portion of Italy’s population generated a disproportionate amount of the country’s wealth. His insight that 20% of the people produced 80% of the wealth was coined as the “Pareto Principle” or the “80-20 rule”.

Our work is focused on identifying the 20% of your customers delivering 80% of sales. We quantify who are your “best”, most profitable customers to contact, and then we target specific strategies to them. At the same time, we execute “migration” strategies, which elevate the spending of “good” customers to become “better” customers and “better” customers to become “best” customers. Knowing which customers to contact, and which customers not  to contact is key in producing increased sales and profits.


Established in 2004, Pareto Marketing Inc. was created for retailers to grow more profitably. John wanted to apply the key learning gained from growing Helzberg Diamonds from 25 to 300 stores during his 23-year tenure and combine it with his industry expertise in CRM and data driven marketing. The goal was to provide retailers with specific strategies, techniques and templates to generate increased profits. Since then, the company has served clients like AMC Theatres, Payless Shoes, Hallmark, Omaha Steaks, Lifetouch, Inc. and independent jewelry and pet supply companies.

The Pareto Team

The Pareto team consists of specialists in data management, digital marketing, customer research, marketing strategy and creative execution. We think through things thoroughly, combining data, experience and industry insights to base our strategies and recommendations. We listen hard and communicate straightforward.

John Goodman
President & Founder

Coral Dickau
Research & Project Management

Alisha Ahern
Online Marketing Manager

Meet John Goodman

The President and founder of Pareto Marketing, Inc.

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