and why we do it.

Converting Customer Data into Marketing Action

We take your customer data, and use it to drive targeted marketing strategies. Targeting your most profitable customers to generate increased repeat purchases and profits. But also “migrating” good customers to become better customers and better customers to become best customers. The customer data provides a quantitative basis to monetize both the immediate and long term value of a customer. This is used for segmenting, targeting and growing your customer base. It also reveals specific demographics, geo-demographics and cross shopping patterns. While the data reflects the transactional patterns of your customers, i.e., what they buy, when they buy, how often they buy and how much they buy, we also add an additional layer of attitudinal data which identifies the motivations behind the transactions, i.e. “the why’s behind the buys”. Our creative work then intersects these patterns with compelling communications which are both targeted and measureable.


Customer Retention

Company profits will grow by increasing the retention rate, frequency of purchase and average order of top customers.

Customer Referrals

Customer referrals provided from loyal customers in the top tiers of the segmentation model are the most efficient and profitable source of new profits.

Media optimization

Measuring media campaigns, direct and digital campaigns by ROI provides a quantitative basis for determining which to repeat and which to eliminate.  This results in allocating advertising expense based on the optimal mix of media and the profits they deliver.


Leverage customer data to drive strategy, increase profits, and prove it.

Customer Data Segmentation & Analytics

Proprietary segmentation models & ROI results analysis.

Marketing Strategy & Creative Execution

Direct, Digital, and Traditional Media.

The Why's Behind the Buys

Proprietary customer survey, “Pareto Profile” analysis.

Account Management

Market planning, budgeting, customer contact strategies.

ROI Based Spending

Ranking each customer segment from high to low based on profitability allows for allocating advertising investments where you will receive the highest ROI. Consistently contacting top customers while minimizing investments to lower value segments reduces advertising expense and improves profits.

Smart Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition is more expensive than retaining existing customers.  However, it is still vital to the health of a retail brand to fill the pipeline with future buyers.  Most approach this with a broad brush which is very expensive.  We do not.  Our new customer acquisition methods use existing customer purchase data, geo-demographics and potential purchase power metrics to target new customers which mirror the data profiles of top, existing customers.  Acquiring new customers using these strategies results in more productivity from acquisition investments, thus increasing profitability.

Brand Experience